Market Your Business Through Paper and Digital Mail

Digital marketing harnessed with traditional medias makes Summit the ideal choice for your business. Summit Services offer advance marketing services to SMEs across the UK.


Marketing Through Mail, Email or SEO

B2B Mail Marketing

Summit Services is continuing to help develop and invest in the best web based email marketing technology available. In this way we can offer corporate marketing professionals unlimited access to state of the art tools to carry out direct digital marketing campaigns. With all our services offered in house by dedicated digital marketeers we can ensure that your marketing message is carried over as many mediums as possible. Read More.

Whether you are already active in email marketing from an in-house or outsourced mailing platform, or if you are new to email marketing, you will not find a better value or user friendly management application than mail from Summit Services.

Automatic List Manages Functions

Manage interest groups

Use mailing lists to assign e-mail addresses to one or more interest groups.

Flexible list maintenance

Add e-mail addresses to mailing lists with copy & paste, import a file or add them in, 1-by-1.

Bounced mail manager

Mail will collect and manage all bounced messages leaving you or your client with only direct replies to you message.

No more 'mail delivery failed'

Invalid e-mail addresses are automatically flagged for deletion from your mailing lists. You will not receive returned e-mails from invalid addresses.

Once click unsubscribe

All e-mails sent by Mail have a link in the footer to let the user manage their subscription. If multiple subscribe options are available, then the recipient of the newsletter can opt-in or opt-out of subscriptions to specific mailing lists.

Design a subscription form

Grow your mailing list with a link on your website to your personalized “subscribe to our newsletter” form, hosted at Mail. This allows your customers to opt in or opt out of subscriptions to specific mailing lists.

Auto-respond to new subscription

Mail will send out a predefined newsletter to confirm a new subscription to your mailing list.

Import & Export addresses

Easily import customer e-mail addresses from spreadsheets or text files into specific mailing lists.

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