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Use PR and Marketing to Grow Your Business

We apply the POWER of strategic public relations and tactical marketing by incorporating a combination of traditional print & digital / SEO media which ensure that positioning of your business / company and product information or service quality is communicated effectively…….. to a somewhat ‘crowded’ marketplace. Make the most of your advertising.

Whatever direction you have in mind for the future of your business, you can be sure we have the experience and creativity to provide you with a client specific Public Relations & Marketing plan to help you stand out from the crowd. See more strategies.

The SUMMIT philosophy is simple, as we believe that all client projects should be ‘relationship not transaction driven’ and like any team – all players have a role,so are instrumental in the success ……which naturally follows.

Hire a PR Company

PR and marketing can be overwhelming and time consuming. Hiring a specialist PR company to devise and implement marketing strategies for you is the best course of action, saving you time and getting the best value out of your marketing budgets.

We recommend StreetPR based in London. They have over 10 years of experience in street marketing, targeted leaflet distribution and are now branching out in to experiential marketing, the latest trend with all the big businesses. Find out more about StreetPR.

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Our clients have praised us for our ability to deliver their ‘message’ …….. they treat us like friends, a key part of their team, not merely as external service providers. Call or email for more information or see our SEO services.