Local SEO Services

When people use a search engine (predominantly Google) to search for a service or product and they use their location in the search term they are what is classed as in the ‘buying phase’ and are now ready to purchase the product or service they are searching for in their chosen locality…

this is when your business website needs to be at the top of Google’s first page

SUMMIT can position your company website in front of your competitor’s right there at the top of Google in view of potential new customers.

National SEO ServicesIf you provide products or services nationwide across the UK there is a lot more competition on Google than just targeting a local audience say in Chester.

That’s no problem for us as its more fun competing at a higher level! Our national SEO services can get your business in front of thousands of potential new customers.

We can definitely get the results… SUMMIT has clients in various industries that currently rank at the top of Google for very competitive search terms and keywords targeted at the UK as a whole, Europe and even worldwide! For examples please contact us.

SEO Consulting Services
If you have a hands on approach to your website, maybe you are either a small business that runs your own website or a large company that has in house web development staff, then our SEO consulting services may be of interest.

We’ll do all the hard work, have a look at our SEO processes below, and then report to you the on-site optimisation changes that are required with explanations and recommendations on implementation.

SEO Training Services
SUMMIT provide specialist and bespoke face to face and one-to-one SEO training that is individually tailored to our clients requirements.

We don’t just do simple ‘this is SEO and this is how you do it’ kind of SEO training like most companies you’ll find that provide SEO training services – we actually take you through our specialist SEO processes step by step, on your actual website, as if we were actually running a full SEO campaign for you.

Applying our SEO training in this way means you take away information that is 100% relevant to your business, your actual website that’s being promoted, and even more importantly you won’t then have to work out how to apply the trained SEO techniques to your own site!

For some companies, optimising conversion can provide the largest opportunity for growth; this is especially true for more established websites. Web analytics is incredibly powerful in understanding how different people find and use our website which provides insights in to the types of improvements that may make a difference.

A/B and multi-variant testing allows you to test the changes you’d like make (large or small) to a site against one or more versions.

We can provide consultancy on your multi-variant testing program (what to test, how to roll-out, how to measure). We can also provide assistance on the set-up and configuration of your multi-variant testing program.

Make the most of your website traffic and request a free mini consultancy.