Marketing Your Business Through Email, Apps & SEO

Successfully boost your customer connections

Companies often market their business in different ways, varying from B2B email to app development, all of which sound timely and complicated. Luckily for you, marketing your business through various applications is easier than ever before. Follow our tips and see how you can begin.

Transform your business with a mobile app

Apps allow your business to work more effectively with customers. You can constantly stay connected and you have the ability to share important information with them all in one place, making life easier for all.

Red Sky Digital provides a leading app development service for businesses that are looking to venture into this market as a means of improving their services. Take a look here.

Apps can be developed for the following platforms:App Development


Not only will they help you to plan your mobile app to meet the needs of your customer market, but they will design and promote your new mobile app with their digital marketing expertise.

How does B2B mail marketing help you?

Marketing businesses will continue to help develop and invest in the best web based email marketing technology available. In this way they can offer corporate marketing professional’s unlimited access to state of the art tools to carry out direct digital marketing campaigns.

Whether you are already active in email marketing from an in-house or outsourced mailing platform, or if you are new to email marketing, you will not find a better value or user friendly management application than mail from The Mailing People. Find out more.

Functions included:Email Marketing

  • Manage interest groups: Use mailing lists to assign e-mail addresses to one or more interest groups
  • Flexible list maintenance: Add e-mail addresses to mailing lists with copy & paste, import a file or add them in, 1-by-1
  • Bounced mail manager: Mail will collect and manage all bounced messages leaving you or your client with only direct replies to you message
  • No more ‘mail delivery failed’: Invalid e-mail addresses are automatically flagged for deletion from your mailing lists. You will not receive returned e-mails from invalid addresses
  • Design a subscription form: Grow your mailing list with a link on your website to your personalized “subscribe to our newsletter” form, hosted at Mail. This allows your customers to opt in or opt out of subscriptions to specific mailing lists

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